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Soon the magic period – New year's holidays and Christmas.

And the great joy for our children is that they are about to come – HOLIDAYS. This is two weeks of freedom-no homework or lessons. This is happiness for school children.

Unfortunately, not all parents pay attention to their child's education on weekends and holidays. Here are some tips on how to spend your vacation with the benefit of studying, but not to the detriment of the nervous system or choose best websites to pay for essays.

1. Talk to your child before the holidays.

Don't forget to discuss his plans and wishes. It is important that the child likes what she does and likes to learn. Explain that learning is not a punishment, but only a way to improve yourself. You can offer an easy plan of what should be done / read / written and deadlines. Just do not forget that the holidays are still for recreation)

2. Let me choose for myself

Offer two options for studying during the holidays and let the child choose for himself. Whether it is 10 pages of a book a day, or several sections for a week. Students need to be able to allocate time independently.
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3. interesting entertainment

Holidays are not only a time for salads and fireworks, but also free time for useful activities. Go to the Museum of interesting science in the planetarium or to the theater for a production based on the book that he needs to read. Accessible, clear, interesting.

4.Actualize the need for knowledge

A particularly effective way is to show by example how interesting it is to learn something new and how it will be useful in life. Tell us a story from your field of activity, how you are constantly developing and how it helps you. Children always look up to their parents.