About BethanysWish

My name is Bethany and I am 8 years old and I am fundraising for an electric powered wheelchair and the equipment to support me on an everyday basis.


Bethany enjoying watching her beloved Norwich City


My wish would be to be independent and do everyday things like playing with my friends without relying on someone to move me around.

When I was 22 months old I was rushed into Intensive Care at a hospital 70 miles from home and stayed there for 5 months. During my time at the hospital I had lots of tests and some operations to help me feel better and was diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition called Mitochondrial Myopathy which is a life-limiting disease and was something none of us had ever even heard of.

It means that my muscles are not as strong as everyone else and the mitochondria in my cells doesn’t provide me with enough energy for them to grow as big and strong as they should do which means I am not able to walk and have to get around in a wheelchair.

My Mummy and Daddy always push me in my wheelchair and so does my TA at school which helps me so much, but I have a wish of my own that I would love to come true.............

I wish I could be able to move myself to where I need to go on my own without having to rely on others to push me in my wheelchair.

An electric powered chair would be able to make my wish come true but unfortunately our local wheelchair services can only provide a basic chair and not one which would be able to let me move myself up and down - those cost more money than wheelchair services can provide.

One of the things that I find hardest is that my current wheelchair doesn’t move up and down either so when I go out for dinner with my family or at a friends birthday party I have to sit back from the table as my chair doesn’t fit under the table and not many places have adjustable tables so I feel left out and that I can’t sit with my friends properly under the table in the same way as my friends can :o(

Being disabled is challenging enough on a day to day basis so having a powered wheelchair that moves up and down will mean I can sit properly at the dinner table properly with my family and friends to be able to sit and talk at the same level without feeling out of the way.

This would make my wish come true :o)

If you are able to support my fundraising events and/or donate anything towards the cost of my electric powered wheelchair then I would be so very grateful and thank you so much.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and thank you for any donations made.

Love Bethany x




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