About Carbon Ticket

Thinking about selling tickets on our site? Well, you've come to the right place.


If you need to sell tickets either to a single event or a series of events, we’ve got your solution. All events can be set up to incorporate assigned seating or general admissions. From the stage to the park, we can help. You can set up your event your way. We can do theaters, concerts, dance studios, school events, fundraisers, classes, amusement parks, museums, conferences, seminars, workshops, tours, parties, and much more!


Here are some of the features we offer:


  • The tickets can be printed and handed to the buyer, emailed, put in will-call booth, or mailed through the postal service.*
  • Printed tickets are either in e-tickets format or can be thermal tickets*
  • All e-tickets and physical tickets have a barcode and QR-code. Simply use your smartphone or a professional barcode scanner to scan and admit the attendees.*
  • Set as many price levels and price variations. We support multiple price-variations per seat. Create adult, kids, seniors, early-bird prices, or even create package deals with the ticket to include merchandise, food, and drinks.

Box-Office/ POS (Point of Sales):

  • You can sell tickets online, over the phone, retail locations, or even face-to-face.
  • Use the touch-friendly, POS (point of sales) page to sell tickets as you need.
  • Run your box-office with no extra equipment or use professional thermal printers and card readers.*


  • Use your own payment processor or PayPal so you will receive the sales money as you sell. The buyer will be able to pay with any major credit card or PayPal and then the money goes directly into your bank or PayPal account.
  • Sell in cash, checks or credit/debit card. Use a credit card reader for faster operation.


  • Post and share your events on social media and integrate them on your website.
  • Create as many flexible coupons and promotion codes. Offer group discounts, package discounts, time-based discount or individual discounts.

Managing/ Creating:

  • You can manage your events and buyers can buy on their phone. No additional app is needed.
  • Seating chart designer allows you to create any amphitheater style, round-table (dinner style), night club style or any combination and allows the buyer to pick their seat.
  • Simply create any single event or use the scheduler to create a recurring event, classes or daily admissions. Package events into a single package or create a season ticket.
  • Create as many sales agents, event organizers, and gate controllers. Limit each user's permission.
  • All the reports that you may need including financial reports, sales reports, admission reports, and audit reports are live and real-time and can be downloaded.
  • Use the analytics module to integrate with Google analytics or use the tracking feature to measure your ads' ROI (Return On Investment).


*Extra equipment, thermal tickets or mailing expenses come at an extra cost


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