About Me

How Tickets Work Here!
This is the fastest way to order your tickets without hassle. Keeping track of paper tickets can be frustrating and if lost can be hard to replace so I only email you your ticket/s and you can have them in case you lose the physical copy.

But Why use B the Comedian and his site?
1. Purchase tickets using your credit/debit card from the comfort of your computer,laptop,phone,and select kindles.

2. Every event goes live on facebook,instgram,snapchat, and twitter No seating required! Fast and easy delivery with e ticket.

3. Print them at your home or I print them for you. E ticket delivery available as well... No hidden costs either I promise ;)

4. Low prices for great comedy and stupidity!

5. Nobody has to get out of the house as long as you have a facebook,instagram,or twitter!

6. You can always well practically get a refund within good reason...

7. I offer the best Customer Service you need If anything happens to go wrong.

8. I always leave you happy and hungry for more.



Sooo… Yeah enjoy the events and have an Axecellent Day