About Us




EastCoast Entertainers is an Entertainment/Music Promoting & Networking Service, operating in Massachusetts and throughout the east coast



EastCoast Entertainers works with select venues to create a brand & act as exclusive promoter for live music & entertainment performances catering to various different age demographics, musical genres & entertainment interests, including: solo artists/singers; live bands; DJ shows & tours; concerts; tours; festivals; tribute/cover bands; comedy; national acts; male revue on-stage performances; teen dance parties; and popular, themed and/or novelty shows (psychics/hypnotists/magicians/dinner shows).  In addition to offering a wide range of types of events & shows, EastCoast Entertainers can provide many different genres of music, such as: mainstream, rock 'n roll, country, hip hop/rap, R&B/soul, indie rock, alternative, blues, jazz, acoustic, oldies, and EDM/dance.  We provide complete, professional "white glove" promotions & state-of-the art productions to our select venues including everything from securing/booking popular, local & national acts to designing & distributing promotional materials (posters & flyers) to online & social media advertising and marketing for the event to online & telephone reservations & ticket purchasing to staffing & security for events.  In additon to acting as exclusive promotor for select venues, EastCoast Entertainers also provides networking & social media promoting for a majority of east coast venues, as well as venues across the entire country.



EastCoast Entertainers provides concert goers & event attendees, a fast, easy and safe way to find information about all of our events & shows at any venue online or on their smartphones.  Additionally, for the convenience of our customers, EastCoast Entertainers always ensures that our customers have multiple options for purchasing tickets to shows/events: in person (at the venue, both in advance or at the door at the show, subject to availability); over the phone; or online; using a variety of methods of payment. For events with different ticket prices & seat selection, customers will be able to choose their preferred seat using our interactive seating chart.  Additionally, customers are given several covenient options for ticket delivery, including printing out your e-ticket at home or simply showing your e-ticket on your smartphone at the show! Eastcoast Entertainers strives to provide excellent experiences for our customers, both in the purchasing of tickets, and of course, in attending the event itself!