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Tour of St Augustine: Florida's Pioneer and Flagler Past

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This voucher is your ticket into Florida's Pioneer and Flagler past!


You will have a tour guide who will guide you through the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, lead you on to an Old Town Trolley Tour, Old Jailhouse, Old Florida Museum, Flagler Memorial Presbytarian Church, and the Spanish Quarter. 


You will start your journey into Florida's Pioneer past at the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse. This is where you will meet up with your tour group and your tour guide. According to visitstaugustine.com: "The Oldest Wooden School House dates back to the early 18th century and is located on St. George Street by the City Gate. Visitors to the Oldest Wooden School House can tour the property and become acquainted with the daily life of colonial school children."

The Oldest Wooden School House in St. Augustine.

Then you will be lead onto the famed Old Town Trolley where you will get to sit back and relax as the driver shares the history and sites of our Nation's Oldest City. This tour will help you experience this unique city filled with colonial neighborhoods, magnificent buildings and charms all it's own. 

Old Town Trolley Tours offers a convenient way to get around town and learn all about St. Augustine's amazing history.

Then, your tour guide will take you to the Old Jail. According to visitstaugustine.com: "This historic jail served the city of St. Augustine from 1891-1953. Visitors can take tours of the jail during the day or night, experiencing history as inmates in period dress guide them through the women’s cells, men’s cells, and the maximum security cells where only the most dangerous criminals were kept. The Old Jail's unique history is full of fascinating stories about individual inmates that once occupied the cells and the sheriffs (and their families!) who lived just across the hall from them."

The Authentic Old Jail in St. Augustine.

Then, you will travel to the Old Florida Museum where you will participate in the Florida Cracker program. According to oldfloridamuseum.com: "In 1821, the United States bought Florida from Spain. Homesteading was encouraged by the government to develop the newly acquired territory. The rugged pioneers that settled the area were called "Florida Crackers." It is believed that they got this nickname because of the cracking sound their whips made as they herded cattle. In 1845 Florida became the 27th state of the Union. Students will learn to appreciate these modern times when participating in daily living activities from the pioneer area."

Then, you will tour the Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church. Henry Flagler built the church after his daughter's death in 1889. Mr Flagler, his first wife, daughter, and granddaughter are buried in the mausoleum that is on the property. 

st augustine flagler memorial presbyterian church