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History of Noble House Entertainment


Talent Bookings & Events


Genres: Progressive, Breaks & House


Stanton Warriors Coming Soon....


John Digweed
Sander Kleinenberg
Paul Van Dyk
Paul Oakenfold
Dave Seaman
Craig Richards
DJ Dan
Jeno Void
DJ Taylor
Smalltown DJ’s
Sandra Collins
Kimball Collins
Jimmy Van M
Dave Ralph
John Graham (Quivver)
Mark E Hunt
Chris Fortier
Sean Cusick
Derrick Carter
Roger Sanchez
Juan Atkins
Kevin Saunderson
Donald Glaude
Lee Foster
Quik Fix
Anothony Pappa
Tyler Stadius
Troy Roberts
DJ Jody (Way Out West)
Thomas Michael
Jon Debo
Josh Hartley

Locals & Residents
James Boatman
Brent Carmichael
Steve Bath
Jason Winters
Alex Joy
Thom Banks
Matty C
Scotty Stylus
Alan Smith

Club Nights
Back 2 Basics (Sports Traders Corner)
Fresh n Tasty (Back 2 Basics)
True Family (Back 2 Basics)
Beyond (Back (2 Basics)
Phat House (Under Rue)
Balance (The Funky Planet)
Launch (The Limit - Victoria)
Launch (Sonar – Vancouver)
Launch (Hyperia – Houston)
Infinity (Sugar)
Love Gone Insane 11 year Anniversary (Sugar)
Renaissance Therapy Sessions (Under Rue)
Round Trip (Commodore)
In Stereo (Commodore)
Sound Devotion (Commodore)
Airdrawn Dagger (Commodore)
Audio Therapy (Sugar)
Global Clubbing Series
BOMP (Hush)
Leap Gear (Hush)

Love Gone Insane (SJ Willis Auditorium)
Open Your Mind (SJ Willis Auditorium)
Spirit (Victoria Curling Arena)
Fresh Medicine (Boomtown Underground)
Fun Maid Raving (Boomtown Underground)
Together (Pandora Community Center)
Sick? (Classic Library on Quadra Street)
Music Is The Answer (Memorial Arena)
No Rest For The Wicked (311 & ?)
Peace Love & Happiness (Not so private Vancouver residence)
The Complete Book Of Nonsense (Cecelia Street)
UFO Over Hawaii (Cecelia Street)
The Great Northern (Cecelia Street)
What? (Velox Rugby Club)
The New Galactic Reveller (Cecelia Street)
Prime Time (Vancouver Indoor Go-Kart Arena)
Cream UK (Memorial Arena)
A Rave Called Danielle (Vancouver Wharehouse)
The Fun House (Memorial Arena)
?rest (Original) (Victoria Playhouse)
Control Lost (Vancouver Studio Wharehouse)
Cream Bedrock (Memorial Arena)
Summer School (Original) (Victoria Curling Arena)
?rest Ultra (Burnaby Studio)
Summer School 97 (Squamish Reserve)
Bee Free (311)
Dreamland (Vancouver Polish Center)
Tranceport (Richmond Banquet Hall)
?rest For Fun (Richmond Banquet Hall)
Canada Day Madness Rooftop Revival (311)
Time Travel (Vancouver Underground)
Pajamas Party (311)
?rest 4 (Sketchy Mex)
Higher than Heaven – Hotter than Hell (311)
Runway Desire (Market Square)
Summer School 2000 (Memorial Arena)
Calendar Girls (Victoria Underground)


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