About Oakstone High School Reunion

This is the site to purchase your tickets to the Oakstone High School reunion Summer 2019!

Simply purchase your tickets on your computer or phone, print your tickets or show them on your smartphone and get admitted.

Your ticket will be refunded if you end up not showing up. But you better show up. Be there or be sq-- sorry I probably shouldn't pressure you to come to this. But if you want to reconnect with your old classmates from Oakstone this is the best time and place to do it. But if you're too busy and life gets in the way that's okay too. (Actually it isn't, this event may not happen again for years, by which point the human species may or may not be extinct. And the date and location of the event will be told to you over and over long in advance until you're sick of hearing about it. So you really don't have any excuse not to come if it's something you think you'll like to do.)