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Digital Marketing

  • Research and understand your customers interactions in social channels and set the SMART goals.
  • Analyze your target group and identify the channels and Strategize a plan using Digital Branding proven methodology.
  • Curate the content for the different channels identified. Identify the best engagement time and publish.
  • Measure the engagement based on the KPI’s set along the client and re-engage if needed. For every action from your customer, we engage and handle the reviews, queries, mainly reputation during the negative reviews.


  • Email marketing were one of the oldest forms of digital marketing used to promote business products or services but it has about 4300% of ROI to maximize business goals. It is a branch of internet marketing which does marketing via social media platforms, websites, blogs and much more. Email marketing is same as direct postal service but here the intended messages are sent electronically. So email marketing involves sending informative and promotional mails to your prospective audience and customers. Email marketing is a very effective marketing tool to convert potential audience into loyal customers.
  • Why your business requires a good email marketing strategy? It is a cost effective way to reach a wider range of your target audience, hence marketing for small and medium business will cost less. It is easy to set up campaigns with the available email marketing tools and bring out the required output to reach your business goals. And a research suggests that out of the total internet users, around 94% of them use emails. So there is a high chance of reaching your potential audience
  • We, The Digital Branding, one of the most prominent email marketing companies tailor a strategic plan that is unique and specific to each of our clients and help them reach marketing success. Email marketing is not just writing content and sending to a group of people blindfold. There are many analyses, strategies and various email marketing tools involved to get your brand’s name and products or services into the market. We take care of how to define your audience, how to build an efficient mail list for your business, curate relevant and fantastic content to promote your brand and products, define and optimize the framework of when to pitch in the emails to your target audience and even provide results of how these email marketing campaigns have performed. The Digital branding team also uses high grade email marketing tools to send personalized emails to that particular segment of target audience based on their requirements. We support bulk email tools also.
  • Start your email marketing with one the right email marketing companies in Coimbatore, The Digital Branding. Our digital strategists are here to help you to promote your business to the next level through various digital marketing techniques. We extend our services in United States and Singapore also.'

Create successful Facebook video ads - The 3 step formula.


When creating a Facebook video ad for a client or for your company, follow these 3 steps that will result in higher conversion rates.

1.Keep the users from scrolling:

Facebook is providing enormous opportunities by auto-playing the audio as well as the video whenever a user opens their news feed. The only way this opportunity can give guaranteed results is when you are able to easily grand a viewer’s attention. When the video appears on the news feed, the first 3-10 seconds are the most vital as they can keep the users from scrolling down.


There are 3 ways to grab people’s attention and stop the scroll:


  • Use obvious hand motions, like giving the viewer a wave. This can be bit annoying, but it definitely works. Pull them towards your video before they scroll past just like how a good demonstrator pulls passers-by into their display.
  • Another way is through text overlay. This is a very effective way to attract prospects because Facebook now let’s video automatically add subtitles to their videos. This is helpful because when users have disabled the sound option on their device they will still be able to read texts, which in turn draws their attention.
  • To attract attention another way is by using pattern-interrupt. It’s the same way as warning signs are red and pedestrians are black and white in colour. Videos that look like selfies can also create a pattern interrupt so that they look more real and authentic.


2.  EDIE formula:


Once we are successful in diverting users attention to our video, the next step is to Educate, Demonstrate, Inform and Entertain the users or as we call like The EDIE formula.


  • The educate method is about giving people tips either by being in front of the camera or through presentation while recording your computer screen, turning it into a great video.
  • This kind of method is apt in the world of technology. You can create a video about gadgets that the users would love to see work.
  • Inform goes way beyond educate. This particular method gives our information to people that they have no knowledge about. This is useful when the users require more insight for a specific product that has wide variety of features.
  • The final way of attracting users is through entertaining videos.


3.  Call to Action:


Once the interest has been build, the next step is to tell the prospects what has to be done. The Call to action button has to be created according to your brand and how well it suits your product.


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