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Click on this link for information video on the 2014 Jose Fajardo Awards


2014 Jose Fajardo Awards- Info Video


Please visit our link below to see our "ABOUT" Jose Fajardo Award Foundation.


Jose Fajardo Award Foundation-ABOUT page


Jose Fajardo Award Foundation is the fast, easy and safe way to find and purchase tickets. You can get information and buy tickets online in a few minutes.

Why use Jose Fajardo Award Foundation

  1. Purchase using your credit card from the comfort of your computer.
  2. You don’t need to leave home to buy tickets. We accept major credit cards. So just login to Jose Fajardo Award Foundation, and purchase tickets on our secure website.
  3. The key to getting best locations in every event, is to reserve early.
  4. Don’t worry about shipping & and shipping cost:

    You can print your tickets and go directly to the door or we can deliver your tickets at the Venue. You can pickup your tickets at Jose Fajardo Award Foundation booth from 1 hour prior to the beginning of the event. So you don’t have to worry if the post office will be late or the tickets may get lost.
  5. Last minute tickets.

    You may still have time to purchase tickets at the door at a small additional price.