Upcoming events by: Notre Dame High School

Cinderella, Cinderella is an interactive 45-minute telling of the Cinderella story, where the kids are invited to come on stage and help Cinderella clean her house, get ready for the ball, dance the night away, and celebrate the wedding! The show is intended for kids 8 and younger, but participants of all ages are welcome! Be sure to grab a "Participation" ticket if you would like to participate!
Twinderella or, en Espanol, Gemelarela is a bilingual retelling of a double Cinderella story -- not only is every line said twice (once in English, once in Spanish), but there are two Cinderella characters, which means two sets of wicked step-siblings, evil step-parents, and fairy godparents! This show is written for middle school audiences, but will be fun for the whole family!
The two plays are usually performed together, but are separated to allow families to bring small children to a Cinderella, Cinderella performance when they may not be ready for a full night of theater.